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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Funny Babies!

Here are some really funny videos that i Just Had to show you all! Too funny. Enjoy!

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Birthday Cake!!!

Hands up who likes cake? Everybodyyyyyyy!!! This is a home made cake ofcourse, with fresh whipped cream and freshly crushed cranburry jam in the middle. I know you all want to come round my house now, haha! Just sum more random pic of me messing around with macro-mode on my camera and my food!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006
Fresh, Colourful, Tasteful Organic Foods!

Just look at the Lovely colours in the Fresh, Organic capsicums. Your mouths are already dripping with hunger, haha! I’m sure everybody knows the reason organic food is better so i will not divulge into it.
When you start to make food with your own hands and your own time, you begin to realise how wonderful the earth is and the need to respect Mother Nature’s gifts. Over the last couple of years I have become healthier by cutting down the sugar intake and salty food like crisps and chips. Fast food was never attracting to me, especially knowing the fact that I don’t know how the cook it or what it is cooked in or even if the chef does something nasty to it.
I realised I can cook up a meal quite quickly and easily with a bit of practise, as so can everybody else at home. As long as when go to the supermarket you buy all the vegi's and fruits and other bits and pieces. Try not to get ready chopped meals because to put it simply, its not fresh!
Get out there and start cooking!!! Go...Now...Wot are you waiting for...Gooo! Haha. If you Love your stomach - feed it fresh organic homemade food!

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Monday, March 13, 2006
The Chips From Indiaaaa!!!

Ahhh yes, your all thinkin about how the indian chip taste, hehe! Well let me tell you. Do you remember the salt they used on the chips, well, Yummmyyy! hehe! Back to the topic of home-made cooking. Its true, you just cannot beat it! Everyone knows that when their mum or dad cooks food, it is always great! Now im not saying my mum is the best cook, but she knows alot about cooking and would easily surpirse anyone!
Today we made chips. You do the usual stuff, fry in oil and stuff. But the trick is to use a special masala. We used a short cut and went to the local indian shop to buy some masala. Its Chunky Chat Masala, which contains black and white salt, pumkinseeds, black pepper, and verious other ingredients! As soon as the chips come out of the oil, sprinkle the masala on and serve! When you taste it, Ohh wow! India, I'm there! Forget the £350 plane ticket! haha! Below are some pictures of the smoking HOT chips with the masala sprinkled over it! Enjoy!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006
Home Made Cooking Rules!

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal, but who has the time? Well make time! You dont know what your mising out on. Apart from enjoying the food that you have made, you will enjoy the time spent in the kitchen and feel happy about yourselves that you have learnt somthing new! Even the busiest person can deliver marvelous meals, scrumptious snacks and decadent desserts in minutes.
Just go down to your local store and buy the packaged ready mixed foods. They usualy have the ingredience on the back and if your good at following instructions, then your snack will be ready to eat in minuts.
Plus its a great reason to invite your mates around, you can even use them as your testers. Hehe!
With a bit of experience anyone can learn how to cook. Wheres there's a Happy face in the kitchen, there's a Happy stomach in the family room! Below are some Cookies my sister made, u can smell the aroma already! Chocolateeeeee...hehe!
So why not go down to the shops today and try some for yourself! Enjoy!!!!!

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Friday, March 03, 2006
Google Video!

I came across this Google Video and its really fun. it works the same at a search engine but shows you all the video's. This is where i got the tabla videos from. Just type in anything like sikh and you can see kirtan and even the odd persons wedding video. Hehe! Have Fun!!

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Tabla Teacher!

Ive been learning tabla for some time now and i have grown more attatched to the wonderful Sweet sounds that can be produced. Some tabla players are so skilled that i could listen to them just messing around on the tabla. Ahhhh, such bliss!
Anyhooo, i came across sum really good tabla videos. The video above is a white man teaching tabla and is the core basics needed to know in order to play tabla. Click the picture to watch!

Below are some more of my favourite tabla videos and the little kid called Rohan Singh is Amazing!! He was a student of Ustad Zakir Hussain's. Rohan performed in India at the Harballabh Music festival.

Click the picture to see him play!

Below are some more Video ive put up of the tabla maestro!


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