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Monday, April 30, 2007
Live Laugh & Love

I've spent far too much time dragging my heels through life, too much time worrying about each thought I have, each step I take. 2007 presents a new day for me. It presents a time for me to live my life the way I please, laugh all the way through it, and love unconditionally. Really, how can you go wrong when you have a mantra like that?

Take my advice ladies and gents... live your life like you have a new start each day and that nothing that happens today will matter tomorrow. Wake up each morning with a clear head and a renewed vigor for the challenges, surprises, and happiness the day may bring.

Be adventagous in your decisions: make your decision work for you, live out the advantages it may bring to your doorstep. Do not say no... just try.

Someone once told me "Life is Perfect/Precious," and I did not always listen; although I tried to believe. We each have an opportunity to make any situation perfect. However, for me, it's easier just to Live Laugh & Love.

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