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Monday, April 30, 2007
Live Laugh & Love

I've spent far too much time dragging my heels through life, too much time worrying about each thought I have, each step I take. 2007 presents a new day for me. It presents a time for me to live my life the way I please, laugh all the way through it, and love unconditionally. Really, how can you go wrong when you have a mantra like that?

Take my advice ladies and gents... live your life like you have a new start each day and that nothing that happens today will matter tomorrow. Wake up each morning with a clear head and a renewed vigor for the challenges, surprises, and happiness the day may bring.

Be adventagous in your decisions: make your decision work for you, live out the advantages it may bring to your doorstep. Do not say no... just try.

Someone once told me "Life is Perfect/Precious," and I did not always listen; although I tried to believe. We each have an opportunity to make any situation perfect. However, for me, it's easier just to Live Laugh & Love.

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Monday, April 02, 2007
learning lesson

must learn to curb my emotions when its hovering on the other side.. must be patient, must listen, understand.. i have been calm in so many situations where i could have been so upset and i need to take that quality and transfer it for every situation. even toward matters of the Heart..
Some things are just out of control, given the situation.. and there's nothing you can do about it. you can't expect certain reactions, the moment might just be out of hand for someone else..
Its good when you see the situation and you do something about learning from it... thats the battle half won...

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