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Friday, March 03, 2006
Tabla Teacher!

Ive been learning tabla for some time now and i have grown more attatched to the wonderful Sweet sounds that can be produced. Some tabla players are so skilled that i could listen to them just messing around on the tabla. Ahhhh, such bliss!
Anyhooo, i came across sum really good tabla videos. The video above is a white man teaching tabla and is the core basics needed to know in order to play tabla. Click the picture to watch!

Below are some more of my favourite tabla videos and the little kid called Rohan Singh is Amazing!! He was a student of Ustad Zakir Hussain's. Rohan performed in India at the Harballabh Music festival.

Click the picture to see him play!

Below are some more Video ive put up of the tabla maestro!


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By Blogger jatlee, at 5:55 PM:
wow some wiked videos singh! like the santoor one especially please share more if you have!


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