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Thursday, March 23, 2006
Fresh, Colourful, Tasteful Organic Foods!

Just look at the Lovely colours in the Fresh, Organic capsicums. Your mouths are already dripping with hunger, haha! I’m sure everybody knows the reason organic food is better so i will not divulge into it.
When you start to make food with your own hands and your own time, you begin to realise how wonderful the earth is and the need to respect Mother Nature’s gifts. Over the last couple of years I have become healthier by cutting down the sugar intake and salty food like crisps and chips. Fast food was never attracting to me, especially knowing the fact that I don’t know how the cook it or what it is cooked in or even if the chef does something nasty to it.
I realised I can cook up a meal quite quickly and easily with a bit of practise, as so can everybody else at home. As long as when go to the supermarket you buy all the vegi's and fruits and other bits and pieces. Try not to get ready chopped meals because to put it simply, its not fresh!
Get out there and start cooking!!! Go...Now...Wot are you waiting for...Gooo! Haha. If you Love your stomach - feed it fresh organic homemade food!

by Pali @ 10:03 AM comments: 2


By Anonymous Bkukha Sher, at 10:07 AM:
You wicked man, you pali geezer!

Better keep dat food hidden!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:28 PM:
mmmm...i absolutely love peppers!! especially the fresh organic juicy red ones!


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