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Monday, May 29, 2006
Sanatam Kaur@Park Ave.

Here are some videos of Sanatam Kaur doing kirtan with her beautiful blissful voice at Park Ave. Gurdwara. I was sitting right near the front luckily and got some good shots. For some reason, every time there I go to Park Ave, and miraculously I sit at the front, I can always feel and hear the Sangat singing along with the kirtan. Wonderful...

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By Anonymous sadh sangat, at 8:34 AM:
share ji, we thank you for providing these well taken videos.

We imagine that the great share is contemplating the next item of food he will gorge himself with?

By Anonymous Jamie Oliver Top Chef, at 12:04 AM:
Hey Share, when are you going to put up a new post on food, so I can copy your recipe (he says standing far away worried that the share might gobble him up).


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