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Monday, June 12, 2006

For those of who correctly guessed it surely must be the tounge tasters! Below are more pictures of the Lovely Lovely Sweet Smooth and Cold Falooda!
Below is the Finished product!


This is without milk...

...then u add milk...

And all this goes down with this...

bet u cant guess wot this is now...?

by Pali @ 9:34 AM comments: 11


By Anonymous Jamie Oliver, at 12:23 AM:
Hey share ji, is that not a spoonful of ice cream??


Keep some for me.

I actually thought of Rasmalaai.....i'll be back after a trip to the Indian bazaar :P

By Anonymous sadh sangat, at 12:47 AM:
share di jai hovey!

By Blogger SM, at 3:58 PM:
Is it some kind of ice-cream.
Thanks For leaving comment in my Blog.And yes there is toastmaster club in U.K too.It is all over the world.

By the way you have a great blog,beautiful pictures.

By Anonymous satvinder, at 8:32 PM:
is that falooda [I dunno if this has an english name] and ice cream?

BTW nice blog layout. Some lovely photographs.

By Anonymous satvinder, at 9:58 AM:
wickid! You've got Giani Amolak Singh ji as your audio?!

By Blogger Pali, at 3:55 PM:
WOW, finnaly after some time Satvinder ji you have guess it correct :D

By Blogger asdasjdhas, at 6:45 PM:
Rasmalaaaaaaaaai!! My favourite, Can I have some? ;)

By Anonymous Sadh Sangat, at 11:57 PM:
We are sorry daljeet but the sangat has finished all the faluda. Please come and join us in the kitchen to help us wash all the glasses.

By Blogger kek-w, at 6:16 PM:
Man, this is the moooost chilled out, relaxing blog I've ever visited! Nice one!

By Anonymous sadh sangat, at 4:36 PM:
share ji please do us a favour by putting up some new posts.

Jamie Oliver came to the gurudwara and did benti that we ask you to give more food recipes.



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