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A Lion on the Prowl for God's Bakhshish!
Thursday, May 18, 2006
Some Lovely Pictures!

by Pali @ 10:07 AM comments: 9


I really like the last picture. What plant is it?

By Anonymous head gardner, kew gardens, at 11:47 PM:
most impressive pictures share singh. Which rainforest exactly do you live in?

By Anonymous head gardner, kew gardens, at 11:49 PM:
....especially the last one - lovely soft colours.

Any strawberry tarts left?

By Anonymous sadh sangat, at 10:48 PM:
very quiet on the front share ji, about time you blessed us with another post.

Bakhshish Karo share ji!

By Anonymous head gardner, kew gardens, at 10:50 PM:
oi, they're all mine, share said I could have all the remaining jam tarts!

By Anonymous sadh sangat, at 11:07 PM:
And one more thing share ji, you don't look at all to us like a man lost in the world of evil.

May we suggest something along the lines of "A Lion on the Prowl for God's Bakhshish"

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:15 PM:
haha i agree with the comment u hav just made there sadh sangat ji!

By Anonymous sadh sangat, at 10:01 PM:
The sadh sangat is pleased that you have accepted our benti.

May you be successful in your quest. Prowl on share singh ji!

By Blogger Pali, at 10:45 AM:
I am afrid Prabhu that after looking everywhere for the name of the plant i cannot find it. It is in my front garden and i helped plant it. It changes colour from green to orange to other fasinating colours. In late Augaust in gives plum sized pimpkin shaped seeds. When i go to the nursery (plant shop), i will take my camera and ask him there.


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